"Great Instructor! I have been working in the district for 5 years now and this is by far the best staff development class. Debra was also very charming and funny! It was worth waking up early on a Saturday!  Thanks!"  --RC

"Hi Debra, I want to tell you again what an awesome job you did yesterday!  I've been taking tech classes for nearly 30 years and I haven't seen an instructor as good as you in a VERY long time.  Your lesson was clear and easy to understand, and I was doubly impressed when you got a curve thrown at you and were immediately able to change your lesson.  That's quite rare. I left our session pumped and with a mind full of ways to use the info I'd learned. That almost NEVER happens for me!"--RD

"I share your appreciation for Debra's wonderful talents and creative mind! She is a tech ambassador with the acumen to explain and train without losing a beat even when her audience ranges from neophytes to advanced practitioners of technology. She was a true asset for RISD. She will be missed. :-)" --EW

"The speaker was excellent -- outstanding -- well prepared & understands the technology very well!!! --CC

Deb is great!  She listened to us and helped us at our level! --LS

"I really like Debra Atchison's teaching approach! She truly knows her subject matter. --CR

"You're a great presenter.  Thanks for your patience & clarity in instructing us. :-)"--SD

I attended your AWESOME session at TCEA in Austin in February...I learned so much. It was wonderful. Today I have learned I have MONEY to spend and must spend it in the next few days...and I'd like to spend it on GreenScreen stuff. So...could you recommend what I'll need to get going? And where to purchase it (vendor recommendations). Sorry to trouble you, but I know you are the EXPERT!  --KP

"No way! I am very disappointed for myself and RISD that you are leaving. I pray this move is a true blessing for you and your family.  Hopefully, only a significant increase in salary or position would take such a gifted and helpful talent from our midst. You will be missed!"--CR

"It has been wonderful to work for and with Debra this year.  I will miss her next year. The district is losing a jewel."--BA

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Please tell me it isn't so! You can't leave!--KH